mapping impactful media literacy practices

web design, branding, illustration
June 2020

The Mapping Impactful Media Literacy Project explores how impact in media literacy interventions is understood, develops indicators for impactful practice, and offers education across formal and informal learning ecosystems the opportunity to align their work within a responsive guide that facilitates alignment with indicators for impact.

Partners: National Association for Media Literacy, Emerson College, Texas A&M University, University of Iowa, Australian Media Literacy Alliance
Role: Lead all design aspects of the project, from web site building to designing all assets for the report, research, data analysis and production, and all promotion and communication through the project.

As the Lead Designer for the Mapping Impactful Media Literacy project, I designed a pop-up website to provide a general overview of the project’s mission, values, phases, lead partners, and team members. 

The visual identity and branding assets for the project to revolve around the idea of mapping as a form of creative storytelling. The illustrations feautured throughout the website embody the social justice-oriented, community-focused, inclusive values and aims of the project.