see thru

graphic design, social media marketing
Dec 2017 - July 2019

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I served as the social media manager and one of the lead designers for a
woman-owned tech startup that aims to bring radical transparency
to the beauty and wellness industries. 

One of See Thru’s central goals is to increase consumer awareness
and understanding of the ingredients in their beauty and skincare products,
as well as to make science communication and education more accessible
to everyday audiences.

As the social media manager, I fostered and engaged with a community of beauty and skincare enthusiasts, science educators, and transparent beauty brands.

I optimized our social platforms to serve as a space to educate followers on popular skincare ingredients, challenge myths and misinformation, and amplify smaller, transparent beauty brands. 

I also lead the social media campaigns for two of our brand partnerships with Rosen Skincare and Chemist Confessions.